Regular hands-on workshops are organised here in the north-Tarn region

Come and try your hand at creating intelligent gadgets, testing your ideas, learning the hows-n-whys.

Some of the workshop themes that are available :

  • Introduction to metal working (including electric arc welding);
  • Introduction to woodworking (including the use of a router);
  • “Make your own...” sessions. Examples :
    • a working ram pump,
    • a small photo-electric panel for charging 12v batteries,
    • a solar food dryer,
    • wet & dry heat exchangers (thermal solar panels)...);
  • Introduction to electricity and simple electronics;
  • Advanced electronics (digital and analog);
  • Introduction to micro-controllers, PIC and Arduino (hardware and programming);
  • Open-source computing : Linux, Office suites, specific software... Installing, using, configuring...
  • Introduction to computer programming (many languages including Python, PHP);
  • Introduction to relational databases using MySql...
And many more! Contact me if you have specific or unlisted needs.