Have you wondered how your TV remote control works, and if you could use it to control other things?

You have an idea for a tool, a gadget or some clever device but you need some help to get it built and working?

You'd like to know how you can create solid objects by 3D-printing or by computer-controlled milling?

Here's the starting point for all that - and much more.

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Regular hands-on workshops are organised here in the north-Tarn region

Come and try your hand at creating intelligent gadgets, testing your ideas, learning the hows-n-whys.

Individual courses or group sessions.


Your new gadget won't do what it's told? You can't fathom how to do a particular task in software? On this site you'll find hints and tips, step-by-step guides and many working projects, large and small, with documentation to help you along.

The blog feed is where most things are documented, the blog format also allows you to ask questions or to leave comments / suggestions.

Work In Progress

I'm currently working to get this site up and running and develop new course contents and keep my existing customers happy all at the same time...

Contact me by mail or phone (see below) if you have questions or require immediate help.